I came across solution focused after been introduced to the ideas at some training I attended in Sydney Australia in the early 1990’s. I then enrolled at the Eastwood Family Therapy Centre, Sydney (now known as the Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney) under the guidance of the two principal staff, Michael Durrant and Brian Cade.

I studied a two year course on brief family therapy and solution focused. I was really impressed that the theories that I was learning was practical and could be used in counselling sessions the very next day. I was trying out these new skills and framework with my own clients and saw the difference in their life, I was encouraged and continued.

The principles really made sense to me and fitted my world view of clients and problems. I found that children really loved the miracle question and scaling. This approach was exciting and gave a sense of hope to cases where I felt hopeless to help. This approach may not suit you, however stay open minded and give it a go.

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