Here is some more information on some of the aspects of solution focused counselling.

1. The techniques and skills of solution focused framework
 NORMALIZATION is normalizing a situation or an event, use with care, as this technique has the potential to be effect, however we do not want to trivia the clients compliant. For example, a mother comes to see you and she is upset because her 15 year old daughter wants to go out on Friday night instead of staying indoors with Mum, we could normalise this with “a lot of teenage girls are wanting to establish peer relationships, which is important, however it must feel that she is growing up very fast”, so still acknowledging Mum’s feeling as well as normalizing the situation.
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2. Basic assumptions about people and problems
The following are some of the assumptions and principles of solution focused framework which was influenced by Milton Erickson and the MRI team.

1. People operate out of their internal maps and not out of sensory experience.
2. People make the best choice for themselves at any given moment.
3. The explanation, theory, or metaphor used to relate facts about a person is not the person.
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3. Finding solution focused – My story
I came across solution focused after been introduced to the ideas at some training I attended in Sydney Australia in the early 1990’s. I then enrolled at the Eastwood Family Therapy Centre, Sydney (now known as the Brief Institute of Therapy) under the guidance of the two principle staff, Michael Durrant and Brian Cade.
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